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Sunday 6th March. 

Two routes:

The main route is 110km (c70 miles) whilst the shorter route is 66km (c45 miles). The rides follow two challenging routes, starting in Redbourn (AL3 7PP). The main route has 6 significant climbs including Whiteleaf, Wardrobes, Wigginton Lane and New Road.  The course is not particularly difficult but it is a tough test, making it a good training ride for the early Spring.

The shorter route, 66km (c45 miles) misses out Whiteleaf and Wardrobes.

Start times:
Registration from 8.30am for departures (long route) from 9.00am and (shorter route) 9.15am, leaving in waves of 15 (max).

HQ address:

Redbourn Parish Centre, The Park, Redbourn, Herts, AL3 7LR (see info here and map here).

Redbourn Parish Centre map 2

Entry fee:

VCC Members: £5
Non-Members: £10
On the day: £10 & £15 respectively


Entries in advance are now closed. Entries on the day are available (max 200 riders).


See here for latest list of riders.

Maps and elevation profiles:

Long route / GPS track - see here (up-dated 27/02/2022).
Shorter route / GPS track - see here (up-dated 27/02/2022)
Note: The routes will not be signposted - so take a map or load up your Garmin (or equivalent)!

Route/Cue Sheets:
Long route - see here (up-dated 27/02/2022)
Shorter route - see here (up-dated 27/02/2022)

The event takes place on public roads so normal care and attention is required. Please observe the Highway Code and show respect at all times for all other road users. The road into Aldbury (Stocks Rd) is in very poor shape in patches, otherwise just please take care as it's winter, there are potholes, mud, water and gravel. There are a number of hazards identified in our Risk Assessment we’d like to draw your attention to:

Long (L) and Short (S) routes:

  • L=3.7Km, S=3.7Km Double blind bends on Gaddeston Row. Single out and take care of traffic
  • L=9.3Km, S=9.3Km Steep descent with parked cars then sharp left at bottom in Markyate. Slow and take care of traffic.
  • L=10.6Km, S=10.6Km Steep descent with crossroads at bottom. Slow down the hill.
  • L=18.4Km, S=18.4Km Descent on Studham Lane past Whipsnade golf club turning; poor road surface, turnings off; blind bends; gravel at bottom. Slow & single out.
  • L=23.9Km, S=23.9Km Double roundabouts on fast road. Caution of approaching traffic.
  • L=30.0Km, S=30.0Km Narrow road (Stocks Road) on shallow descent into Aldbury & through Aldbury. Take care of road surface, walkers, horses & traffic. Very poor road surface just before Aldbury.
  • L=32.2Km, S=32.2Km Very sharp blind bend past pub. Keep on left side of road and take care.
  • L=34.2Km, S=34.2Km Crossing major road with fast traffic. Poor road surface at start of climb up Hemp Lane.
  • S=37.4Km Sharp right turn into Cholesbury Road. Beware oncoming traffic.
  • L=41.4Km, short route now avoids this bit. Steep descent down Marlin Hill to Tring with blind bends, parked cars & poor road surface. Wakers and parked cars towards the bottom of the hill. Take care and ride slowly.
  • L=57.9Km Sharp right turn off fast road into Longdown Hill. Take care of traffic.
  • L=59.3Km Steep descent with narrow bend & turning. Take care; slow & ride single.
  • L=70.2Km Steep descent with bend and right turn. Take care.
  • L=75.5Km Sharp uphill turning on Frith Hill with very poor road surface.
  • L=77.5Km Steep descent followed by sharp Left bend. Take care & slow down.
  • L=81.5Km In the wet a hazard at the bottom of a short descent with broken road surface and potential flooding.
  • L=82.8Km Very sharp blind right-hand turn. Take care & single out.
  • L=86.0Km, S= 39.3 Routes join. Potential congestion.
  • L=89.1Km, S=42.5 Very sharp left turn off Cholesbury Lane coming downhill from Chiltern Velo. Very poor road surface at turn and a lot of gravel. SLOW. Needs great care.
  • L=92.0Km, S= 44.6 Tee junction with broken road surface and no road markings. Particularly dangerous in the wet with standing water.
  • L=94.1Km, S= 49.6 Traffic lights on High Street. Be patient and do not jump lights.
  • L=94.7Km, S= 50.2 Station Road past The Crystal Palace Pub on right. Narrow road with parked cars both sides. Beware oncoming traffic and other cyclists. Single out and take care.
  • L94.9 S = 50.5 Turn left onto Gravel Path. Steep climb, narrow in places with parked cars both sides. Single carriageway over railway bridge with right of way but beware oncoming traffic.
  • L=104Km, S= 61.3 Sharp left turn with gravel. Approach with care.
  • L=106Km, S= 72.8 Sharp double-blind bends. Single out and take care.

This is a Reliability Ride with a target speed range of 13 to 18mph. This equates to about 4 to 5.5 hours for the long ride and 3 to 4 hours for the shorter version. We expect that there will be some faster riders but, please remember, the events are challenges not races and are not timed. Riders will be set off at intervals to reduce the risks from riding in large bunches on narrow lanes. Please do not ride in groups of more than 10.

The Government has now lifted all mandatory requirements but COVID-19 hasn't gone away! Please respect others, it's recommended that you wear a mask indoors and keep suitably socially distanced.

On the day:
There is some free car parking space near the Parish Centre otherwise park on local roads. The nearest Railway Stations are Harpenden (3.5 miles) or St Albans (5.4 miles).

There will be tea and coffee available before the ride and a selection of food at the end. The HQ closes at 2:30pm. We’ll have a hot drink and food waiting for you until then. If you think you are going to be later than that, or if you decide to abandon at any time, please call us on the number we will give you on the day.

The event is being run by Verulam CC which is affiliated to Cycling UK. This provides Organisers’ Liability insurance as long as the event has no more than 200 riders. The ride is therefore limited to this number. We expect all riders to have their own third party liability insurance. This is intended to cover you should you ever be adjudged to have caused an accident which led to injury or damage to another cyclist, anyone else or their property. The main cycling organisations (Cycling UK, British Cycling and LVRC) all provide this as part of their membership benefits.

Inter-Club Competition [Not open to Verulam CC]:
The event includes a competition for the VRR Club Trophy. Each rider from a Club who completes the long route scores two points, whilst each rider completing the shorter route scores one point. The club with the most points will hold the trophy for a year, until the next event, when the trophy will return to be awarded again. Will your club be the winners?


Herts air ambulance
We’re pleased to be supporting Herts Air Ambulance for this event. A charity that has come to the rescue of VCC riders and so sits close to our hearts. Herts Air Ambulance receives no Government funding - a donation of £2 per rider will be made. More information about Herts Air Ambulance is available here.

Chiltern Classics:
The Verulam Reliability Ride is part of the Chiltern Classics series of reliability rides.

Under 18s:
There are risks associated with this ride, from bad weather conditions and the 100km route is a serious challenge so…
- Minimum age 12.
- Under 14s can only ride the 78Km event, with a parent or guardian.
- Under 16s can ride either distance with a parent or guardian.
- 16 and 17 year olds can ride either distance unaccompanied.

In every case (all under 18 riders) a signed Parental Consent Form must be completed and lodged with the organiser.

More information:
Any questions, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.