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In My Saddlebag

By Andy Rice.

A brief guide to being prepared for club runs and other day rides.

Essentials for a Club run

  • Your VCC ID tag fixed to your bike (if you're a paid-up member and have not received yours, please contact Peter
  • Cash/Credit card - at least £5 for your tea and cake!
  • 2 spare inner tubes
  • Puncture repair kit plus
    • Tyre boot patches
    • Tyre lever(s)
    • Var (bead jack) or similar if you struggle getting the last bit of bead over the rim
  • Pump – that actually works!  Options are:
    • Mini/pocket
    • Frame-mounted
    • Mini-track
    • CO2 Inflator

‘Cos you never know what might happen

  • GPS (Garmin or similar) - with the route loaded on it!
  • Multi tool with a chain tool
  • Spare chain link
  • Spare valve core and valve core tool (and a valve core extender in case you spare tube doesn't fit your rim!)
  • Phone
  • Cash - £20 note for emergencies (and a tyre boot if desperate!)
  • Cable ties – six small ones will fix quite a lot of things
  • Mini pliers or leatherman

Nice to have just to be prepared

  • Rain Jacket
    • Light weight, for unexpected showers, wind protection
  • First Aid kit, including:
    • A couple of dressings, small bandage, tape, antiseptic wipes, steri-strips, plasters, emergency foil blanket
  • Disposable gloves – blood and oil protection
  • Cleat covers for the tea stop
  • Bars or gels