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  1. Do I have to complete the introductory ride before I can join?

You don't! If you prefer, you are welcome to join us and get to know us before you complete the introductory ride. You won't be able to ride in our club organised group rides, but you are very welcome to join in our community activities, club nights, and solo time trials.


  1. Do I have to become a member to come on a club ride?

Yes, you need to attend a breifing with our Membership Secretary and complete our introductory ride first.


  1. How do I join?

It's quite simple - adults see here and youths see here.


  1.  What does it cost?

All members pay an annual subscription.

Adult membership: First claim: £30 (plus SS Jersey £80 in first year), Second claim: £24, Associate (non-riding): £6.

Youth membership: Youth (under 18) £6, Youth (Road): £12

Family membership: £30 (includes one Standard Member + one Associate Member + Any number of Youths)

Racing team: by invite only, please contact Doug, our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. Can families join?

Yes, we offer a 'family package' which includes an adult subscription (First or Second claim) plus one Associate (non-riding) subscription (for the partner of the adult member) and/or any number of their children (youth subscription(s)) for the single adult (First or Second claim) subscription fee. See details here.


  1. What distance and speed do members cycle on club rides?

We offer a wide range of rides on Sundays. We aim to have 10 pace groups ranging from 13 to 20 mph average speed. Rides are typically 40-50 miles with one café stop at the half-way point. We ride in groups of up to 10 with trained and experienced leaders. The run leaders ensure that the group keeps together and that no one is left behind! If it is your first time out with the club, choose a group that is slower than you think you will settle in, try to arrive early and introduce yourself to the leader. Routes are normally shared in advance via the #pace channel on Slack (our member's forum, see about Slack below). You can also use Slack to introduce yourself to a group.


  1. How fit do I need to be to join a club run?

You should have recently ridden at least 50 miles at an average of 13 mph or more, on a route which should have included some hills (as you cannot avoid hills around St Albans)! Please discuss the appropriate group to join with our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you complete our introductory ride. If in doubt please drop down a group or two and then work your way up to the faster groups once you are more familiar with our club rides.


  1. If someone is unable to keep up with the group, do you wait for them?

Yes, we don’t leave anyone behind! The pace is generally that of the slowest rider. However, please refer to the above point on which group to join. Before taking part, you should assess which ride group would be most appropriate for you - please heed the advice of Peter, our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  1. Do you stop for a refreshment break on club runs?

Yes, a café stop is a feature of our club runs. Occasionally, and more often in the winter, a leader may decide to organise a non-stop ride. This will be made clear. These are usually shorter, 35 to 40 miles and loop out and back from St Albans.


  1. What sort of bike do I need?

A road worthy, road bike with drop handle bars and either rim or disc brakes. E-bikes may be allowed in certain circumstances.


  1. Do I need any specific insurance?

Yes, you need to have third-party insurance, requiring a specific policy which is rarely included in any general household insurance policy. Third Party Liability (also known as Public or Personal Liability) Insurance, protects you as an individual against third party claims for personal injury or damage to property - see more here.


  1. What do I need to bring with me?

Puncture repair kit/spare inner tube, pump and/or gas, cash or card for refreshments and some fuel (gels, bars) in your pocket. More advice can be found here.


  1. Is there a discussion group I can join to find out more about the Club?

We have a Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram channels that you can follow, as well as a Facebook Group that you can see and join once you're a member. Members also have access to Slack which is our private members forum.


  1. Do you have details of other cycling clubs in the area?

There are several other cycling clubs in Hertfordshire, including: 


  1. What is Slack?

Slack is a private member-only online platform we use which has channels for different topics, including a channel for each club run pace group. Members use these channels to share information with each other.